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Every owner of an aircraft is as unique as their reasons for traveling. BellAir has a wide selection of management solutions to meet your precise aviation needs. Leave any oversight to us while you enjoy the luxurious freedom and privacy of owning your own aircraft.

Privacy, Safety, and Security

BellAir’s comprehensive training programs combined with our pilot’s extensive flight experience is a great complement to our focus on guarding your privacy and confidentiality. You can have total peace of mind flying with us.

Hassle-Free Ownership

BellAir’s expert team is in place to provide unparalleled customer care. We will manage the training of crew, complete scheduling, payroll, and contracting for in-flight catering and staff before and after your flight.

Peace of Mind​

Owning and operating a private aircraft provides you with a variety of options. With ownership comes many critical systems to manage and maintain. Let us handle keeping all the moving parts well maintained and up to date.

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At BellAir, we take the headache and risks associated with owning an aircraft and provide you with the level of management that meets your needs. Choose from our full managed solution, our chartered solutions, or we will tailor a solution that will cover all of your needs.

Full Managed Solution

This is just what it says - a turnkey solution that covers everything about owning an aircraft, freeing you up to focus on your business.

Charter Managed Solution

This solution allows your flight department to maintain management but leases the aircraft to our charter team when available.

Personalized Solution

Everybody’s business operations are unique. This solution will allow you to tailor fit a customizable solution to fit your needs.

Part 91 Aircraft Management​

If you plan to fly only for personal reasons, Part 91 Aircraft Management was made for you. This is designed for people who are not profiting from carrying strangers or cargo or both. The FAA heavily regulates general aviation. BellAir fully knows that owning a private jet can be a lot of work. There are maintenance, compliance, and administrative issues to maintain. When you partner with BellAir, you get to use our Part 91 license and you are free from the normal burdens of ownership. We make sure that all the requirements for Part 91 are met.
  • Maintenance of the aircraft and avionic repairs
  • Recruitment and training of pilots and crew
  • FAA compliant with record keeping and reports
  • Flight scheduling and coordination
  • Part 135 Management Placement ​

    Aircraft owners who want to take advantage of their aircraft during downtimes, Part 135 Management Placement Services is something to consider. Part 135 Operations are strictly regulated for owners. Using a management company such as BellAir will allow you to make the best use of your aircraft helping to reduce costs while keeping all the benefits of ownership. We provide this service on a performance basis and it is paid for by the air carrier. When you take advantage of such a partnership, we will:
  • Find the perfect Part 135 aircrafts
  • Negotiate the agreement on your behalf
  • Supply on-board expertise and support
  • Provide complete aircraft monitoring
  • Create a revenue stream from your aircraft
  • It’s time to let BellAir take over your aircraft management.

    Aircraft ownership and management can be a challenging and time-consuming job. Our team of aircraft experts is ready to work with you to design a management program that will uniquely address your needs.

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