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Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the list below, our staff is ready to answer any questions that you may have. Just give us a call or send us an email and we will happily assist you!

General Questions


What are Bellair's hours of availability?
Regardless of where you are in the world or what destination, someone at BellAir Charter will be available to help you in any way. We have someone from our staff available around the clock and around the world.
If I need help purchasing and managing an aircraft, can you help me?
Definitely! We have brokers with over a decade of experience with every type of aircraft in the private aviation sector. Use our knowledge and our expertise as a resource when you are on the journey of purchasing your own private aircraft or jet. BellAir has a long history of helping our clients purchase their aircraft or private jets for personal use. We’ve also helped many companies corporate travel and logistics professionals research and acquire the right type of aircraft for their corporate use. We have also helped owners of different types of aircraft by managing the sale of their aircraft.
Does BellAir offer a referral program?
We know that our most reliable form of marketing is our happy clients. If you know somebody interested in flying privately, we would be glad to help. Searching for an air charter company can be a tough task. If you have enjoyed our high-end service, please refer those people to us so we can help them as well. We would be happy to discount future flights for our customers who refer us.
How does BellAir protect my privacy?
We understand that privacy is very important in today’s world. Any information that you give to us, such as passenger lists, flight itineraries, schedules, and times are kept in strict confidence to protect your privacy. Any detail we share will be on an absolute need-to-know basis.
I've heard the expression airport slots. What are those?
Before a private company lands at an airport, the air traffic controller needs to grant them permission. “Airport Slots” is the phrase for the prior permission that the airport and their air traffic controllers give to companies like BellAir. We manage all negotiations with any airport and air traffic control.
Can you tell me some of the benefits of having a dedicated air charter advisor?
Taking a trip on a private jet requires the coordination of a significant number of details. Having a dedicated advisor help you through this journey will make your entire experience more enjoyable and more comfortable.


What are the limitations for luggage and your recommendations?
Depending on the model of the aircraft, the size and weight of the luggage capacity will vary. In our private jets, we store luggage in the nose of the aircraft or the back section. When you fly with BellAir, we will ask you about the size and the weight of your luggage. It is important that you accurately estimate these so that we can best serve your needs. Using soft-sided luggage will allow you to maximize the space in the airplane. If you are bringing fragile items or oversized bags, give us a call, and we will lead you through all of your options.
Can you pick me up from my home or business to the airport?
Absolutely! BellAir has a suite of vehicles available, including Town Cars, limousines, luxury SUVs, and even armored vehicles to get you safely to and from the airport. We will take care of you for your entire journey.
What airports are available to me for departure and arrival?
Tens of thousands of airports exist in countries around the world. Different countries and different individual airports have their own set of rules and regulations. Various aircraft require different lengths of runway for taking off and landing. This might eliminate some airports from consideration as a destination. If you are traveling internationally, you will need to enter the new country through a customs airport. And airport sizes vary around the world. Commercial airports may easily handle the wide body of larger jets, but the smaller, private and executive airports usually have shorter and narrower runways. When you call us for a chartered flight, we will go through an extensive planning procedure to make sure that we can land at an airport that is very close to your final destination. This flexibility is one of the benefits of using a chartered flight. In most cases, you will be able to land closer to your final destination than if you had taken a commercial plane.
How do I decide which model airplane is the best to use?
The airplane options will depend on your personal preference, the number of people in the party, flight distance, destination, and your luggage requirements. Here at BellAir, we have a wide assortment of choices for you. We will look over your flight’s destination and all of the other factors and help you narrow the options so that you get the perfect aircraft that will work for you and your party. Our goal is for you to have a thoroughly enjoyable journey.
When making a flight reservation, how far in advance do I need to call?
Again, this depends on the different factors that make up your flight. We usually can be ready for a flight in as little as six hours.
What is the cost of traveling in a chartered jet?
Many options and factors go into the cost of a chartered jet journey. Variables such as passenger count, runway length, destination, and the weather all affect the cost of hiring a charter flight. Keep in mind that you are renting an entire aircraft. For an approximate cost, you should expect a price between $3,500 and $8,500 per hour. If you are planning a trip, give us a call, and we can go over the prices with you.
What personal documentation do you need from me?
Before boarding, we will need some government-issued identification. Unfortunately, anybody that arrives without this kind of identification will be denied entrance into the airplane. These are government laws and are outside our control. If you are traveling internationally, you will need all of the documentation required to enter the new country. You must present all relevant travel documents to the flight crew before boarding.
What should I expect after booking my flight?
We will deliver a flight itinerary to you once we have all the information. This itinerary will confirm your reservation and will have the following information: the dates of the flight, the estimated time in the air, different flight segments or legs; the making the model of the aircraft; and any other options or requests that you made when you booked the flight.
What happens to the flight if there is bad weather?
Inclement weather, including strong winds, storms, rough air, and other acts of nature that are anticipated to occur in any part of the planned route, can change the itinerary. Before your departure, we will be on the lookout for any weather advisories that could cause us to change your itinerary. The pilot in command and the aircraft operator are the only people who are authorized to decide changes in the takeoff and landing. They will do their best to stick to the original itinerary, but your safety is their ultimate concern.
What is an empty leg and a one-way flight? And what's the difference?
A one-way flight is just like it sounds, a flight that departs from one airport and lands at another without a return trip as part of the itinerary. With a one-way flight, the aircraft needs to return to its point of origin. When that aircraft returns to its home base, that is called an “empty leg” flight. Empty leg flights return to their home base without any passengers on board, and because of this, the prices of these particular types of flights are greatly reduced. It is these empty leg flights that can provide our clients with the opportunity to travel with huge discounts. It is important to understand that empty leg pricing is on an as-available basis, and they are not part of a regular pricing structure. And, while you may save a tremendous amount on an empty leg flight, if the client that had booked the original flight were to cancel, the empty leg flight would be canceled as well. In a case such as that, the empty leg flight that you had booked would be unavailable, and we would cancel your trip. There is another risk to these greatly discounted flights. If the client who had scheduled the original “live leg” flight where to be delayed, it would automatically delay the “empty leg” flight. The client who had booked the “empty leg” flight would be required to accommodate the changed departure time. There are some possible inconveniences, but the savings can be up to 75% off the cost of a regular flight.


Is smoking allowed on my flight?
If you prefer to allow smoking on your flight, that is not a problem. We have clients who book flights so that they can travel while smoking their cigarettes or favorite cigars or pipes. If you want to smoke on your flight, we will find you a private airplane that allows smoking in the cabin. Let us know your preference beforehand so we can make this particular accommodation.
Do these aircraft have bathrooms onboard?
There are many kinds of aircraft, from small two-seaters that do short hops to the largest commercial jets that hold hundreds of passengers. The smaller sized airplanes have fewer amenities and options than the larger ones. Some of the smaller aircraft do not have restrooms on board. And the aviation industry has special names for bathrooms on airplanes, the most common being potty, lav, or lavatory. If you are flying on a larger private aircraft, that bathroom is likely to be a beautiful, well-designed bathroom with enough space for you to change your clothes. For the times when you will be using a very small aircraft, it is likely to have an emergency potty that is behind a curtain, or no potty at all.
Can I bring my pet(s) with me on my flight?
Here at BellAir, we love our pets. We will make every effort to accommodate your pet during your travel. However, not all aircraft allow pets on board. So please let us know about your desire to bring your pet on board when we first speak. Then we can make appropriate accommodations so that you can enjoy your trip with your little loved one. Also, there are flight regulations that might require sedation or special caging depending on the breed, type, and size. Also, the length of your trip and your destination could figure into this equation. Please contact us as soon as you decide you would like to bring your pet along so we will have the most time to make the best accommodations.
How qualified is the flight crew?

At BellAir, all Pilots have met or exceeded the FAA part 135 requirements to fly that particular jet in a charter arrangement. Our management team makes sure that our pilots not only exceed the requirements but that they also exceed the flight hours in that particular aircraft. Rest assured that your aircraft pilot will be an expert at flying the specific plane you’ll be chartering.

When we get to the destination airport, what terminals and gates will we use?
Airports around the world have special, fixed-based operators (FBO) for the charter passenger’s gate/terminal. Their function is the same as in commercial airports – with a waiting area at the gate or terminal, but they are much more private and usually a lot nicer than their commercial counterparts. These facilities are considered private locations and generally have classy furniture, high-end snacks, gourmet coffees, and other amenities. Many have small aircraft repair facilities and even sell aviation fuel. Frequently, you will see private jets and helicopters parked in the hangers of these facilities.
High-speed internet, phone service, entertainment?
Various aircraft have these types of amenities installed. Sometimes there are additional charges for these kinds of things. Depending on the aircraft that you select, you may or may not have access to high-speed internet, phone service, or electronic entertainment.
Will there be a flight attendant on my flight?
Having a flight attendant depends on the size of the airplane and of course, your preference. Some of the larger aircraft come with a required flight attendant in service. If you are chartering a flight that does not require a flight attendant, but you prefer to have one, let us know so that we can make arrangements.


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